Life with Dreads. {pt 1}

And now, a more light-hearted post... about one of my new favorite topics: dreadlocks.

I've had mine for almost two months now. And they are wonderful!

How are they wonderful, you may ask? I'll tell you...
Dreads are wonderful because:
1) They are easy to maintain
2) I never have a bad hair day
3) I get to enjoy odd stares wherever I go

I love seeing the look on peoples faces when I go someplace new, or meet someone for the first time. Sometimes they stare, sometimes they try not to... and they always ask me the same questions:
Do you wash them?
How did you do them?
Who did them?
How long did it take?
Can I touch them?

And my answers are:
Because they're awesome. I'm a college student and I'll never be this independent again, so I might as well take advantage of it.
Yes, I do wash them, with special dread shampoo.
Through a process called backcombing.
My wonderful mother.
About 8 hours.
And yes, of course C:

I'll continue to post as I get interesting reactions or have stories about them...

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  1. Lol such a delightful post!
    I like dreads btw, and yours r super neat :)