Distractions...a lesson from the Israelites.

Right now, I should be working on the glossary that's due tomorrow in Old Testament.
But instead...I'm blogging.
At least it's about something in the Old Testament?

Anyway...lately I've been distracted. For me, a certain person has been the cause of this....but it could be anything. Work. School. People. Anything that takes your mind away from where it needs to be.

I was thinking today about the Israelites. When God delivered them from Egypt with the ten plagues, parted the Red sea for their escape, guided them by a cloud and a pillar of fire......and then brought them to the promised land.

The promised land.

The place he told Abraham would be his.
The place they've all heard about, been dreaming about ever since they can remember.
The place where they will finally be free, live their lives how they want to, worship and serve God in a way that they've never been able to.

This is everything for them. It's what they've been waiting for.

So Moses sends some spies in, to take a look around....scout out this new land that they've come to claim.

Twelve of them.

Two came back with a good report. They said: Let's go! I can already taste the milk and honey!
The other ten....not so much. They were a bit....distracted. By the giants. (gulp)
Giants, they said. Huge ones! We can't possibly defeat them.

Never mind the fact that the God who led them there had parted an immense body of water and allowed them to walk through on dry land. The giants were quite obviously to big for them.

They were distracted. They took their eye off the prize.
They lost sight of what they were fighting for.
Their freedom. Their homes. Their lives.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is.....how many times have we become distracted from what God has asked us to do? Can you look back and pick out a time when you let the giants get the best of you...taken your mind off the goal that God has given to you?

Maybe it's time to refocus. Look past your giants, and you'll see the milk and honey.

And now, it's homework time. Good night.


Life with Dreads. {pt 2}

I just want to take a moment to say that I'm pretty sure dreadlocks are one of the only hairstyles that would cause your boss to say this phrase:

"So....(awkward pause)...what exactly are your plans for your hair?"

My plans? Am I supposed to have like a missions statement and five year plan in place for my hair style?

I kindly explained that I had dreaded my hair, that my dreads were maturing at the moment, and that I would be leaving them in until I either got tired of them or needed to get rid of them for some other reason. Which seemed to satisfy her...at least I hope so.

Ah....just a day in the life of a dreaded girl. 


Autumn for one.

This beautiful autumn weather is sweeping in, bringing with it a glimmer of romance for two certain friends of mine. And I'm so pleased that they could find someone to share it with. His name is Ben in both their cases....how coincidental.

It really does make me happy. Jealous? Maybe a tad. But honestly, I like it this way. Being single gives me the time to do what I have to do, and sometimes what I want to do. It allows for quiet nights with a cup of tea and a good book that were not previously afforded. It gives me license to have friends of whichever gender I choose...without being made to feel guilty or like I was doing something wrong. It brings with it so much freedom, so much more of life. It allows me to focus on things that are more worth my time.

Maybe, when the right one comes along I won't feel as though a relationship will strip me of the things that I enjoy....but for now, I am content. Pleased, even. This autumn I will focus on the things that matter the most...I'll leave love to sort itself out and get back to me.


so small.

Do you ever just feel small?



Like there's just to much world out there to ever make a difference. Like the sum of all the things you could possibly accomplish would make no lasting impact in the big picture.

I hate that feeling.


who is behind the mask?

I'm about to draw a strange comparison...don't lose me just yet.

God....is like the Phantom of the opera.

Now, this comparison obviously has its flaws. More flaws than truth, I'd say. However...there is just one line in that movie that I've been turning over in my brain the past few days.

In the scene where the Phantom takes Christine down to his lair she says:

"I am the mask you wear" and he replies-
"It's me they hear"

So, set aside for moment the creepy, evil, dark side of the phantom, the fact that he was a deformed and twisted murderer and psychopath and consider the fact that his voice was heard through Christine.

Quite a thing to ponder.

In the same way, shouldn't we be a 'mask' for God. Shouldn't His voice be clearly heard through us? In our actions, words, relationships...in every aspect of our lives?