Autumn for one.

This beautiful autumn weather is sweeping in, bringing with it a glimmer of romance for two certain friends of mine. And I'm so pleased that they could find someone to share it with. His name is Ben in both their cases....how coincidental.

It really does make me happy. Jealous? Maybe a tad. But honestly, I like it this way. Being single gives me the time to do what I have to do, and sometimes what I want to do. It allows for quiet nights with a cup of tea and a good book that were not previously afforded. It gives me license to have friends of whichever gender I choose...without being made to feel guilty or like I was doing something wrong. It brings with it so much freedom, so much more of life. It allows me to focus on things that are more worth my time.

Maybe, when the right one comes along I won't feel as though a relationship will strip me of the things that I enjoy....but for now, I am content. Pleased, even. This autumn I will focus on the things that matter the most...I'll leave love to sort itself out and get back to me.

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  1. I share in your content. Isn't it lovely?
    This post surely makes it feel like a peaceful, relaxing autumn night...where's my tea?