who is behind the mask?

I'm about to draw a strange comparison...don't lose me just yet.

God....is like the Phantom of the opera.

Now, this comparison obviously has its flaws. More flaws than truth, I'd say. However...there is just one line in that movie that I've been turning over in my brain the past few days.

In the scene where the Phantom takes Christine down to his lair she says:

"I am the mask you wear" and he replies-
"It's me they hear"

So, set aside for moment the creepy, evil, dark side of the phantom, the fact that he was a deformed and twisted murderer and psychopath and consider the fact that his voice was heard through Christine.

Quite a thing to ponder.

In the same way, shouldn't we be a 'mask' for God. Shouldn't His voice be clearly heard through us? In our actions, words, relationships...in every aspect of our lives?


  1. i guess the question would be "have we heard his voice"

    and if so are we doing what he says we should or living the way he has asked us too?????????